Volume 7, No.1 (2023): April – (Humanities Session)

Volume 7.No.1(2023): April – (Humanities Session) (Total Article : 9 ; Total page Number : )

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Table of Contents  

Alda Frakulla / The importance and role of the personal development of the teacher’s work in albanian education.

Selina Arshiaj / The revival of the teaching process in albanian schools after the difficult situation of the covit 19

Gresa Salihu / Parental involvement in homework completion for primary school students at the second level of the curriculum.

Gazmend Krasniqi and Vjollca Osja / Challenges of Albanian Literary Historiography.

Ylli Hashani / The attitude of the Albanian State towards the albanians of Kosovo in 1918-1941.

Yllka R.Imeri / The phonetic evolution of the vocal system of the Albanian language short vowels and vowels formed within Albanian.

Yulia Nedelcheva and Miroslav Nedelchev / Publishers and their publication practices: the case of bulgarian indexed journals.

Zylfije Tahiri / Multiple Intelligences Theory in EFL Classrooms and its Implementation in Lower and Upper Secondary Public Schools in Kosovo.

Rexhep Suma / Cultural religious dialogue and media communication.