Advertising Policy

1. Criteria and Approval

Our journal accepts advertisements based on specified criteria, outlining permissible formats and content. Decisions on acceptance are made impartially by a designated team adhering to these criteria.

2. Online Advertising Transparency

Online advertising may be linked to specific content or reader behavior, with clear disclosure on whether ads are targeted or displayed randomly.

3. Editorial Independence

Advertisements do not influence editorial decisions. The editorial team retains complete autonomy in content creation and decision-making.

4. Separation of Content and Ads

To ensure clarity, advertisements are visually and contextually separated from editorial content, preserving the integrity of scientific works.

5. Compliance

All ads must comply with relevant laws and guidelines, ensuring adherence to content, copyright, and other standards.

6. Periodic Review

This policy undergoes regular review to align with evolving industry standards and maintain its effectiveness.