Volume 6, No.2 (2022): April – (Social Sciences Session)

Volume 6.No.2(2022): April – (Social Sciences Session) (Total Article : 19 ; Total page Number : 219)

Table of Contents  

Alba Dumi / The Corporate Governance Analysis and Performance of Human Resource during the Covid-19 Crisis

Anita Cucović / Merita Begolli Dauti /  The Influence of Covid-19 on Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development

Arian Marini / Attracting investments in the Tourism Sector in Ulcinj, Montenegro

Emirjeta Bejleri / Gentian Memaj/ Mario Çurçija /  Outsourcing and local government

Hazir Hajdari/ Besnik Hajdari / Impact of Engineering Equipment for Quality Management

Edmond Beqiri / Violeta Beqiri / Florlinda Berisha / The importance of Information Systems and digital marketing in finding suitable clients in Microfinance Institutions  

Fetije Baftiu/Lirije Hyseni-Syla / Information technology equipment and its application in healthcare

Ejup Rustemi / Mefail Tahiri / The Role of IT in Assessing Economic Outlook During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Enriko Ceko / Edmira Cakrani / Tourism Development and Safe Travel Stamp Protocols Application in WB6 on Post Pandemic Period

Halil Kukaj / Kujtim Hameli / An Examination of the Causality Between Export, Import and Economic Growth of Kosovo Using Quarterly Data From 2010 To 2021

Halil Halili / The effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Kosovo’s Economy

Kalterina Abazi Jusufi / Adriatik Abazi / Bank Specific and Macroeconomic Determinants: Empirical Evidence from Republic of North Macedonia

Mefail Tahiri / Ejup Rustemi / Covid 19 Pandemic and Digital Economy – Challenges and Opportunities

Rakela Ismailaj Nona / Damage and its responsibility: empirical analysis of monetary damage to the law in albanian institutions

Rezana Balla / Fight against financial-economic crime and organized crime

Seadin Xhaferi / Valbon Mehmedi / Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Economy of North Macedonia

Slobodan Nešković / Economic context of organic agriculture and farms in serbia-case study

Vesel Usaj / Tatjana Spaseska / Forecasting real effective exchange rates for japan using for the years 2008-2019 using arima models

Sead Rešić / Husnija Bibuljica / Arnes Z. Hadžiomerović / Three different approaches to solving the problem of multicriteria fractional linear programming