The Influence of Covid-19 on Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development

Prof. Asst. Dr. Anita Cucović1*, Prof. Asst. Dr. Merita Begolli Dauti2

1/2 Assistant Professor’s at “Haxhi Zeka” University “Haxhi Zeka”, Kosovo.



Sustainable development is increasingly threatened by globalization, which, due to global integration, unification and improvement of human organization, creates progress that is accompanied by profit. This is the case in the most developed countries while the less developed countries are lagging behind. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has stated that the level of education, health and living standards in the world (global human development), this year will find itself on a downward trajectory since 1990, when the term was first introduced. The pandemic that erupted this year called COVID 19 is having a negative impact on global human development. The consequences of COVID are noticeable in all countries from the most developed to the poorest.

This paper aims to describe the strategic planning of sustainable development in Montenegro, with an emphasis on the period since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. The review will be based on three aspects: economic, social and environmental, on which the analysis of sustainable development is based.

Keywords: Planning; Sustainable Development; Strategy;

Volume 6.No.2(2022): April – (Social Sciences Session)

ISSN 2661-2666 (Online) International Scientific Journal Monte (ISJM)
ISSN 2661-264X (Print)

DOI : 10.33807/monte.20222529


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