Volume 7, No.2 (2023): April – (Social Sciences Session)

Volume 7. No.2 (2023): April – (Social Sciences Session) (Total Article: 14; Total page Number : 124 )

Table of Contents  

Aleksandar Gajić / Energy Resources of the Balkans with Perspectives for Overcoming Economic Contradictions

Adrian Leka and Eraldi Ndoj / Use of video analytics in security systems for crime prevention and evidence collection

Alessandro Manzarejano and Alba Dumi / Crisis as a determinant and accelerator of long-term trends

Mustafë Kadriaj and Albana Jeminaj / Challenges and dilemmas of the transformation of electrical energy from thermal to alternative energy in Kosovo

Aleksander Biberaj, Igli Tafa, Kristi Ndoni, Islam Tahiraj, and Andrea Muco / Substantial security challenge to web applications, using modified OTC and OWASP update

Anita Dina and Neroida Selimi / Antecedents of online shopping behavior and their effect on consumer satisfaction

Ejup Rustemi and Mefail Tahiri / The impact of technology on institutional language advancement

Slobodan Nešković and Ardita Bylo / Energy Community in the Concept of Achieving Geo-economic and Energy Security of the Countries of the Western Balkans

Emirjeta Bejleri and Gentian Memaj / International Cartels Logic and Cases

Jetmire Zeqiri / Cases of exemption from criminal liability according to the criminal code

Marko Todorović, Miroljub Ivanović, Cvijan Mekić, and Milivoje Ćosić / Recapitulation of empirical research on teachers’ difficulties in applying digital technologies in teaching

Ejup Rustemi / Technology between needs and opportunities in language preservation and readership improvement

Valbon Mehmedi, Igor Zdravkoski, Seadin Xhaferi, and Pece Nikolovski / Influence of macroeconomic indicators in the development of the Macedonian Stock Exchange – period 2017-2022

Mefail Tahiri and Ejup Rustemi / The role of IT tools in institutional preservation of literature