Antecedents of online shopping behavior and their effect on consumer satisfaction

Anita Dina, Neroida Selimi 

Southeast European University, Tetovo, North Macedonia


This study examines the antecedents of online shopping behavior and their effects on consumer satisfaction. The effects of convenience, variety seeking, social influence, advertising, trust, and products on online shopping behavior and their effects on consumer satisfaction. A quantitative research design was used to collect the data through a questionnaire based on a sample of 312 respondents from rural residences in Kosovo. Data were analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM). The results showed that five out of the seven hypotheses were accepted and supported. The results showed that there is a relationship between convenience, variety seeking, and product with online shopping behavior, and online shopping behavior has a relationship with consumer satisfaction. The main conclusion is that rural consumers are satisfied with online shopping.


Convenience, variety seeking, product, online shopping behavior, consumer satisfaction

Volume 7. No.2(2023): April – (Social Sciences Session)

ISSN 2661-2666 (Online) International Scientific Journal Monte (ISJM)
ISSN 2661-264X (Print)

DOI : 10.33807/monte.20232842


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