Studies of the linguistics of the text in the Albanian language

PhD.C. Liridona Mehmeti

University of Gjilan “Kadri Zeka


This paper deals with some of the linguistics studies of the text published by Albanian researchers. Theoretically, the paper is based on the treatments of the authors from Kosovo and Albania, who have dealt with studies of the linguistics of the text, generally, with textual studies.

As a whole, this paper presents concepts, hypotheses, works and summaries of studies that have treated the text as a linguistic unit. In this theoretical paper, we have carefully looked at and read several studies on the linguistics of the text, which mainly belong to the last few years. The studies that we have included in the paper are diachronic flow in the field of linguistics. Taking into account linguistic developments over the years, these studies mark results in Albanian textual linguistics.

The work was carried out according to the comparative approach, while the hierarchy of information belongs to the contrast-comparison order. So, the paper confronts the arguments of several researchers and provides an overview of the used literature.

Key words: communication act, text category, structure, text linguistics, text.

Volume 8. No.2(2023)

ISSN 2661-2666 (Online) International Scientific Journal Monte (ISJM)
ISSN 2661-264X (Print)

DOI : 10.33807/monte.20233036


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