Ph.D. Can. Yllka R. Imeri 

Authors country of origin: Kosovo
Institutional affiliation: Assistant Professor at the University of “Fehmi Agani”.


The municipality of Bujanovac is a municipality in the Pcinja district in southern Serbia. This municipality is bordered by Kosovo to the northeast, the municipality of Presevo to the southeast, Macedonia to the southwest, the municipality of Vranje to the northwest and the municipality of Targovisht to the southwest.

The aim of this paper is to research the dialects with which our respondents realize during their stories in the use of the vowel / y /. The focus of the research will be the spoken varieties of resident residents of this area. Their selection was made on the basis of sociolinguistic components, such as: age, gender, education, place of residence. The research includes those aspects of language (sounds, words, word forms and constructions) that are considered essential for the definition of a language system and give this paper the status of a special variety in the Albanian language.

The research will be based on a certain corpus of stories recorded in the territories of Eastern Kosovo. This is in order, through the descriptive approach, to identify and describe, on the one hand, the linguistic variables that characterize the linguistic variety of that area. Thus, the degree of linguistic influence of one variation on the other is mutually investigated, while certain linguistic elements, according to the statistical approach, are also investigated in terms of the density of their use. The results of the research of this quantitative study, derived on the basis of statistical data, as well as their interpretation, lead us to the answers to the questions raised.

Keywords: Praat, intensity, length, frequency, comparison.

Volume 5.No.1(2021): December (Humanities Session)

ISSN 2661-2666 (Online) International Scientific Journal Monte (ISJM)
ISSN 2661-264X (Print)

DOI : 10.33807/monte.20212042


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