/To the issue of the aptitude of one paradigm, enough spread among physicists/

Emir E. Ashursky

Institute of Artificial Intelligence at NAS of Ukraine,


This article is devoted to the overthrow of the idle conjectures of sci-fi writers (and after them some romantically minded astrophysicists), one way or another relating to the notorious time travel. Wherein primary attention here is paid to proof of the absolute conceptual prohibition on moving into the past. After all, according to author’s count, lots of fabrications of the human intelligence are by no means equivalent to the quantity of objects of the so-called Cauchy horizon. And moreover: the ordinal of our generalized spiritual world should be obviously higher than for a similar set of structural elements of the observed cosmos.  In particular, if a number of material objects is N, a manifold of their cogitable combinations may vary from 2n to Nn. But still with that, it does not seem possible, however, to refute (as shown yet by Kurt Gödel) the significant majority of these frankly dubious speculations at a physical & mathematical level. Thus precisely the probabilistic approach (or, if you like, algorithm) is a quite legitimate and the only correct for given case!

And summarizing, the author leads his reader to a quite reasoned conclusion that unraveling the most complex outlook problems of existence, it is better obviously to trust philosophers rather than naturalists or techies!

Keywords: special theory of relativity, time ribbon a la Minkowski, cardinality of the set, Novikov self-consistency principle, dark energy, prophetic perception.



Serious academic science states that time travel is possible in only one direction, namely, the future. After all, at returning to the past, we interrupt fundamental laws of causality. And, by the way, it’s precisely because of this once we’ve been in the future, we will never be able to ”land” at our habitual environment again.

Although a particular case is the idea, expressed in the early 1990s by my now deceased friend Vadim Chernobrov [2013]: supposedly it is quite permissible to travel in both directions, for we are not talking about hypothetical chrono-voyagers visiting exactly our universe but only some parallel worlds. However, since given statement is impossible either to confirm or deny, it’s probably more logical to put this in the sphere of ordinary harmless fantasy, rather than in the real scientific problems.

Volume 9, No.1 (2024): April

ISSN 2661-2666 (Online) International Scientific Journal Monte (ISJM)
ISSN 2661-264X (Print)

DOI : 10.33807/monte.20243115


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