Adelajda Baftiu

Authors country of origin: Kosovo
Institutional affiliation: University of Ukshin Hoti, Prizren.


This study will address the adjunct of place expressed with prepositional phrases and the factors that influence its position in the sentence. The aim is quantitative analysis, through which the comparison is made between the three news in the newspaper “Koha ditore” and the commentary of the Barcelona / Real Madrid basketball match. A quarter of a game was analyzed from the commentary on the basketball game, while three news items were analyzed from the newspaper, trying to make the number of words approximately the same. From the first quarter 2439 words are used, while 2730 words are used from the three news items in the newspaper. The selection of different types of texts, spoken / written language, has been intentional, because through them it is intended to draw differences in the use of the adjunct of place. The prepositions were found through the KWIC program, then those constructions that function as adjunct of place were singled out, because with the same prepositions the adjunct of time, manner, purpose, etc. can come out. Adjuncts of place are treated in terms of their position in the sentence, along with the effect that each position has on these two texts, taking into account the context. The study links the field of syntax (sentence structure) with the field of discourse analysis, seeing context as one of the key elements of language selections. The questions on which this paper will be based are: what are the factors that influence the position of the adjunct of place in the sentence, are the circumstances important elements of the information structure and sentence structure.

So, based on the context, as one of the key points of this study, we see the position of the adjunct of place in two different types of texts. The initial position was seen to be more prevalent in the newspaper, where it served as a cohesive tool, as opposed to commenting on the game, where the adjunct of place was used in this position to express the new information. The position in the middle of the sentence was rarely used, this position was not related to any kind of focus, but there were changes in the structure of the sentence. In the final position, the adjuncts prevail in commenting the game. The commentary notes the absence of the key element of the sentence, the verb, which was covered by the adjunct, which was placed immediately after the subject, implying the verb from the context. Whereas, in the newspaper it appears less often than in commentary and this position is due to the usual model of word order in sentences in the Albanian language.

Keywords: syntax, discourse analysis, quantitative analysis, adjunct of place, context

Volume 4.No.1(2021): April (Humanities Session)

ISSN 2661-2666 (Online) International Scientific Journal Monte (ISJM)
ISSN 2661-264X (Print)

DOI : 10.33807/monte.20211825


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